Here at Fury Functional Fitness, we focus on helping you to excel both in and out of the gym. Lose weight, get healthier, feel great, and build muscle with personal and small group training in Clairemont, CA.


There are typically only two types of studio gyms that offer larger group exercise classes and those that focus exclusively on personal training. Fury Functional Fitness offers both, all from our convenient Clairemont location! Through small group training, personal training, and group classes, you will be able to find the perfect training regimen for you!

Larger classes offer accountability and a great sense of community, but the workouts can be repetitive and it can be challenging to work on personal goals. Alternatively, you can bear the expense of personal training with one fitness trainer, but by doing so, you miss out on the group accountability and community that larger groups provide.

And that’s why our gym combines the best aspects of each. Small group training allows you to improve your technique and prevent injury through individualized attention and a motivating group environment.

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